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Greater than a device of coverage makers to collect intelligence, Air strength reconnaissance efforts formed early chilly battle doctrine and struggle making plans. Dr. Farquhar argues lack of knowledge on Soviet strategic functions ruled the association, operational making plans, and gear of the postwar Air strength. To aid his statement, Farquhar strains the advance of aerial reconnaissance from the 1st balloon ascents via global battle II as a prelude. He then examines early chilly struggle peripheral reconnaissance and overflights of the Soviet Union. He explains the evolution of intelligence-gathering expertise, bureaucratic development, and a relative loss of awareness paid to digital battle prior to the Korean conflict. established totally on archival resources, the ebook serves as a superb reference for air doctrine, intelligence, and digital war within the early life of the chilly conflict.

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24 Chapter 2 Groping in the Dark: Reconnaissance before Containment, 1945–1946 Who Who Who Who controls the reconnaissance watches the enemy; watches the enemy perceives the threat; perceives the threat shapes the alternatives; shapes the alternative determines the response; —William Burrows ––Deep Black: Space ––Espionage and National ––Security, 25 Aerial reconnaissance failed to rank as a priority of American political and military leaders following World War II. Faced by broad challenges inherent in creating a new world, leaders concentrated their efforts on major domestic, international, and military issues of greater magnitude rather than establishing a capability for aerial surveillance.

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6; Lt Col Ingwald Haugen, USAF, retired, interviewed by Alfred Price and Frank Voltaggio, 1–2, file 25, Col I. Haugen, AOC Archive; and Price, 52–53. 51. Evidently, Ferret II was a prototype and never deployed overseas. Ferrets III and IV were B-17s modified at Wright Field, near Dayton, Ohio. Winter, AOC Archive, file 47, 7. 52. Maj Charles Eaton, “The Ferrets,” (1947), AOC Archive, 1-2, file (North) Africa Ferrets, AOC Archive; and Winter, AOC Archive, file 47, 10. 53. Originally, the Carpet noise jammer was intended solely for use in amphibious assaults.

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