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5 Spin–flavour correlations While the flavour content and relative phases of wave functions are probed by electric couplings, the correlations of flavour and spin are most directly probed by the magnetic interaction. Immediate examples are the relative sizes of the magnetic moments of baryons, in particular the neutron and proton. The Pauli correlation of three nucleons in the nuclei 3 He and 3 H implies that the two identical fermions (for example pp in 3 He) have net spin S = 0 and hence do not contribute to the magnetic moment μ (in the approximation that all are in the S-state).

If a hybrid vector charmonium is above the threshold for decay to ¯ 1 , then it is predicted [88] that the dominant decay will be to this D D ¯ 1 state and DD ¯ ¯ s , D∗ D ¯ ∗, that decays to pairs of ground-state charmed mesons, such as D D, Ds D are suppressed. It is thus interesting that a vector state ϒ(4260) has been seen in e+ e− → ψππ [97] with hadronic width ∼ 90 MeV and a leptonic width that has been inferred to be ∼ 100 eV [98]. Its leptonic width, being much smaller than those of other vector mesons [1], and its significant decay width to ψπ π testify to its unusual nature.

Theory and data are now converging that QCD forces are at work but with different dynamics dominating below and above 1 GeV/c2 mass. 5 GeV (a q q¯ nonet), with evidence for glueball degrees of freedom. At the constituent level these arise naturally from the attractive interquark forces of QCD. Below 1 GeV these give a strong attraction between pairs of quarks and antiquarks in S-wave leading to a nonet which is ‘inverted’ relative to the ideal nonets of the simple q q¯ model. Conversely, above 1 GeV the states seeded by 3 P0 q q¯ are present.

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