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Encouraged by means of purposes in theoretical desktop technology, the speculation of finite semigroups has emerged lately as an self sufficient sector of arithmetic. It fruitfully combines tools, principles and buildings from algebra, combinatorics, good judgment and topology. purely, the speculation goals at a class of finite semigroups in definite periods known as "pseudovarieties".

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Mixture has a 60% copper sulfate concentration. Mixture has a 5% copper sulfate concentration. The chemist needs to have a mixture equaling 500 mL with a 15% concentration. How much of each mixture does the chemist need? Solution: Although not explicitly stated, there are two equations involved in this situation. Begin by stating the variables. Let . The total mixture needs to have 500 mL of liquid. Equation 1 (how much total liquid): . The total amount of copper sulfate needs to be 15% of the total amount of solution (500 mL).

A bag contains six green marbles and five white marbles. Suppose you choose two without looking. What is the probability that both marbles will be green? A principal wants to make a committee of four teachers and six students. If there are 22 teachers and 200 students, how many different committees can be formed? Chapter 7 Test True or false? A shorter way to write a permutation is . Is (舑17, 17) a solution to ? What is the primary difference between a combination and a permutation? An airplane is traveling a distance of 1,150 miles.

After 20 seconds, Nadia will catch Peter. Now we need to determine how far from the distance the two runners are. You already know , so we will substitute to determine the distance. Using either equation, substitute the known value for and find . When Nadia catches Peter, the runners are 120 feet from the starting line. The Substitution Method is useful when one equation of the system is of the form algebraic expression or algebraic expression. Example 1: Solve the system Solution: The second equation is solved for the variable .

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